Monday, July 25, 2011

A Woman, A Lover, A Friend

"I don't want a fancy girl with powder and paint. And I don't want a woman who think she's a saint. I'm looking for someone who's not make-believe and doesn't mind giving so that she may receive."- Jackie Wilson

Let me preface this by saying I prefer the Otis Redding version, but the words and the sentiment are just the

In the event that I ever fall in love or enter a relationship again, this is the song that describes how I would like for him to think about me. This song talks about someone very real (which is getting harder to come by) who is about very much about giving her man all the love that he needs, but who is still flawed.  It talks about being understanding as well as being there for him.  But it also talks about him being willing to give just as much as she doles out.

Not only does this song contain a sense of yearning, it also contains the sense that love and respect are earned in a relationship.  M.A.C. and CoverGirl nor stillettos and weaves will automatically result in acquiring such if you don't put in the man hours of communication and attention.  And there is no concealer powerful enough to mask the problems that come about in a relationship from the lack of those two.

Either way, I would like to think that if I ever met someone worth it, I would invest the time to get to a place where this song would remind a guy of me. 

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