Monday, November 21, 2011


“I break tradition. Sometimes my tries are outside the lines.”- Natasha Bedingfield

Oh how Natasha Bedingfield often sings my heart and mind. And you have to love that name.

Anyway, today’s blog was inspired by two events in popular culture. 

Last night, I was watching the AMAs on my television and via Twitter.  Taylor Swift won quite a few awards and I noticed that my timelines erupted with much support for Kanye’s treatment of Swift a couple of years ago at the VMA’s.  For the record, I believed Kanye was rude then and I still believe he was rude now.  From where I stood, Swift did nothing to West.  She just won an award that he believed belonged to another artist.  However, for those of us who don’t mind venturing to radio stations that play Top 100 fare, we know you couldn’t turn the radio on without hearing her songs.  She was as inescapable as the Beyonce that she won against. 

I digress. So let’s move on to today.  A story was released that spoke of how those attending Nascar event booed First Lady Michelle Obama.  Mind you, she came to talk about a bipartisan issue.  And guess what? The same people who wanted Kanye to shut people up last night were up in arms about the country’s First Lady being booed.  Mind you, many presidents and their associates have been booed before.  But oh no, now it’s rude to interrupt someone. 

Guess what, it was rude then and it is rude now.  But I guess all these people will teach their children that it is fine to be rude to the people we don’t like but it’s blasphemous to be rude to the people that we adore. Especially when skin color is involved.

On to the next one.   I am a faithful viewer of most reality shows showcasing singing talent and I am a proud alumna of Howard University.  Nevertheless, when I watched the Sing-Off, the group Afro Blue that represented my alma mater disappointed me many times.  For one thing, they were not consistent.  Secondly, as a damn-near connoisseur of these vocal shows, the one thing I can’t stand hearing beyond the second season of a show is “we don’t do that” or “we’re not familiar with that.” And Afro-Blue kept saying it week after week.  Once they pretty much said they didn’t know the words to “We Belong Together” by my beloved Mariah Carey, I just knew they were not winning.  Did I forget to mention that they wound up in the bottom two on R&B night?  How are you the only all-black group and end up in the bottom two on that night.  The Sing-Off is an acapella show, not a jazz showcase.  I like the Dartmouth Aires. They are entertaining.  I like Pentatonix. They’re talented.  I could live without Urban Method.

But in all honesty, I couldn’t really get down with Afro Blue.  Don’t get me wrong, when they performed well, I applauded.  And I understand that by affiliation I am supposed to support them.  HOWEVER, anybody who knows me knows that affiliation only means I give someone a little bit more of a chance.  Affiliation does not make me deaf, dumb or blind to all that I have learned about music competitions over the years.  My support in instances like this is earned because I don’t know them like that and I know what I like.

I guess because I’m black and I went to HU, I’m not supposed to feel that way, right? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oops, I Did It Again

“Oops I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.”- Britney Spears

When I was a teenager, this was just a song with a cool video that had my closest bisexual friend mimicking the choreography in the middle of class.  Mind you, he was in the closet then, but this was a big hint of things to come. 

Nevertheless, I digress.  As a person awaiting the often-fabled thirties, I can’t help but to think how this song has actually applied to my life over the years.

Despite being single for nine years, I have to admit some men have attempted to pursue something of substance with me.  Those nine years are evidence that they failed or I failed.  Hell, someone failed.

I can’t tell you how many times men have gotten frustrated with me after our first hours-long conversation went extremely well.  Apparently, I’m into a lot of things that other women are not into and a lot of things that women are into, I’m not.  I can be so involved. Hell, I can learn your whole life story.

As a former journalist, it’s pretty easy for me to recall information and show interest.  So during any follow-up call, one may get excited that I recall the little details.  I’ll tell you about my day.

But I kind of have this really bad habit of not initiating communication unless I really like a guy.  It may appear as I’m playing hard to get. Unfortunately, it really means one has not reached a level of interest where I feel like calling or texting.  And then I get hit with the “I don’t think you’re really feeling me.” And I tend to want to go “you’re right.”

What can I say? Like most women, I appreciate the attention, however, it takes a little more to keep my interest and trust, that more is not arrogance and cockiness.  Maybe I should just stop smiling and saying hello back.