Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Got This

"Packed all my clothes, shut the door. Back on the road to success".- Jennifer Hudson

This song right here became my anthem this past spring.  See, after a two-year hiatus from an actual career a.k.a. graduate school, I was stepping back out seeking full-time employment once again.  And on top of that, I was seeking employment in a completely different career field- in an economy that is either still in or leaving a recession depending on the day of the week and who you ask.  I had left the journalism industry to pursue a job in library science.

Now just so you know, I love me some Jennifer Hudson and I had bought her recent album on the day it came out. (FYI: The ITunes pre-order are thisclose when it comes to my favorite artists.)  That day, I listened to it and came away with a few favorites.  However, it was nearly a month later when I was driving down to Ohio to interview for the fellowship that I have now that I really listened to this song.  And all of a sudden, I had to put it on repeat.  It became a mantra of sorts. I remember being in the hotel room listening to it over and over again as I prepared my presentation for the interview.  It was just something about this song that just boosted my confidence and encouraged me.  I even made this song my ringtone.  I was not playing. 

The song mainly talked about being confident in your goals and just continuing to try to get there despite what others may think or say. And when you tell a bunch of young, urban professional friends that you plan to attend school for library science, you will receive a lot of WTH faces.  But life is about doing what you want to do. And right now, this is what I want to do. And I'm giving it my 100 percent.  And if you ask me, as the song says, I got this. 

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