Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Now I don't wanna step out tonight. What do you think about that? Does it sound like a plan? And I don't wanna feel out a crowd."-Solange

Two very important things about me: 1) I am a homebody at my core.  2) I don't feel comfortable doing everything with everybody.  To that extent, I don't feel comfortable doing everything with everybody in my home.  As a matter of fact, I don't feel comfortable having everybody in my home.  The number of dates and guys in my life greatly contrasts with the number of guys who have been in my home whether it was in Hattiesburg, Warner Robins or Detroit.  Something tells me this will not change in Columbus.

I truly feel that my home is my sanctuary and I treat it as such.  My home is a reflection of who I am and I haven't been big on revealing all of that to people for a long time.   

Yet, especially when it comes to guys, there are only a couple of guys who I would feel completely comfortable having in my home, partaking of my favorite hobbies (which, by the way, does not include the second word making up the song title) and finding out all that is important to me by seeing my pictures or my book collection.  And none of those guys have lived in the same state as me.  Nor were we ever in a situation where it would be appropriate for them to visit me when I lived somewhere decent. :(

Oh well, maybe one day I will invite someone over for a Champagnechronicnightcap.  But without the chronic.  

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