Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sexy To Me

"Mind. Check. Body. Check. My sensuality. Check. Car keys and my paycheck. Now I'm ready. Danger."- JoJo

Ok, so I know I am way overdue on a feel-good song and this song definitely goes into that category. Even if it's not a Friday.

Because I will have a busy traveling schedule in the next coming months, I figured that it would be better to get on planning my 30th birthday celebration well in advance. Especially since it will cost a nice little amount of money. It will involve D.C., the Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque du Soleil tour, a boutique hotel and hopefully good liquor, good food and good friends. 

So when I heard this song, despite it being so far in advance, I was like this soooooooooo needs to be my birthday anthem. Though I have no plans on buying a round of shots because it's my birthday (Hey, birthday shots should not be bought by me, they should be bought for me.), I plan on making my birthday weekend all about me and this song definitely embodies that. Plus, I almost never try to keep the focus solely on me and I deserve to every once in awhile. So I will not be trying to catch up with people who are not willing to come where I'm at. The only plans I will truly care about are my own. Hell, everybody else gets to so why not? I already have at least one friend down to be the passenger on this ride. Some tickets have been purchased. Room has been booked. I just need to get through the next couple of months.

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