Sunday, March 18, 2012

None of Your Business

"Now who do you think you are? Putting your cheap two-cents in. Don't you got nothin' to do than worry about my friends."- Salt-N-Pepa

For the past month or so, it seems that the United States and the states within it have declared that its newest war is on the rights and the uteruses of women. Laws calling for ultrasounds, heartbeats and detailed explanations before abortions are being proposed and passed. My most recent favorite is the one stating that employers in Arizona could choose not to cover birth control for female employees.

Talk about some bullshit. Part of me thinks that this is a direct result of men being pissed that in recent years, studies have shown that women survived the recession better than men did, getting more education and holding on to more jobs. When you look at the legislators sponsoring these bills, they are almost always white males. (Don't get me wrong, conversations with black men indicate they also have a great tendency to be pro-life.)Seriously, what is supposed to slow a woman down quicker than a baby? Hell, that's why we need the birth control coverage. And I am very much pro-choice because I think some women who already have children shouldn't be mothers. Actually, I will go so far as saying that if abortion was outlawed, we would see more deaths of women resulting from illegal abortions and more Casey Anthonys, i.e. women who get fed up with the children they didn't want in the first place who get rid of them any way they can.

But men want us to have children. They want the miracle that begins at conception to exist in this world. So here is what I would like to see happen if these laws and bills were to pass. Every woman should learn the name of any local politician who supported such a passage in any shape or form. Should she decides that the legislator played a role in keeping her from not bringing an unwanted child in this world, she should be able to leave her newborn child within 72 hours of birth on the doorstop of said politician with no questions asked. It's sort of like the Safe Haven laws because these politicians do profess to be protecting these "innocent, unborn children."

If men want them so badly, they should have the primary responsibility of making sure they are taken care of. And some have argued that these laws would make women think twice about who they sleep with, but I'm pretty sure that unless you find a way to make sex feel utterly terrible, unwanted pregnancy isn't going away. Though, all these men could help by teaching all their sons, grandsons, nephews and the other male members of the generations coming after them to "just say no" to vajayjay. Hell, a Republican woman even came up with that slogan. Plus, isn't there still an economy that needs saving and people without jobs.


  1. Right friggin on!!! You nailed this one!! I wanted to write a blog about this, but you said it all perfectly!

  2. Somehow I got roped into this, and normally I don't do stuff like this, but what the heck?