Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Real Man

"You say you're lookin' for a money man (I want the dough).  A bank account full of benjamins (I want the Benz).  You ain't got a penny to your name." - Keith Sweat

This past weekend presented me with the opportunity to observe a regular ceremonial display of desperation- the wedding bouquet toss.  Women were jumping with arms outstretched, claiming how they needed the bouquet.  And oddly enough, having known quite a few of these women, I witnessed that desperation and income appeared representative to an indirect relationship.  That's right.  The broker the chick, the more her arms were outstretched.  

Add to this scene, the fact that I've noticed that the ladies who talk about wanting a relationship the most are the ones who are not in any position to support themselves.  They are living at home with their parents or living with half a dozen roommates.  Not saying anything is wrong with that, but living in such situations may be a good indication that you should primarily be working on yourself and being able to attain things for yourself.  But no, these are the women who make the most demands on guys.  I've witnessed it with my own eyes.

 Another interesting thing I notice is that these types of women also say things like "I need a man to..."  On the other hand, most of the women I know who are completely holding their own prefer to say things like "It would be nice to have a man around to help with..."  One is looking for a provider while the other is looking for a partner.

I will never understand how a woman can bring almost nothing to the table besides her good looks and her vajayjay and demand so much.  Furthermore,  the last man who "provided" for me was my daddy and while I love him, I know the strings and control that came with that relationship. I think I'll take a partner who works hard like me and will help me along the way.

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