Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wrapped In Red

"So I'm at your door with nothing more than words I've never said. In all this white, you'll see me like you'll never see me again. Wrapped in red."- Kelly Clarkson

So apparently I haven't written on this thing since the end of July and the first year I promised to give you Christmas music in December. Kelly Clarkson has been regularly played in my home and during my work hours so I figured I'd go with that.'s Christmas and time for family and friends. Holiday parties abound. And... I'm still attracted to the same muthafucka I was attracted to months ago with no real progress. And if I have to be honest, a large part of this is because of me. (Though trust me, I'm still confused as to whether he is interested or not.) I am learning that I can be somewhat difficult when you would think it would be so easy to yes to the simplest things. 

Now you probably missed the big announcement, I admitted openly that I'M ATTRACTED TO SOMEONE. Why? Because I've come to the conclusion that this shit must be like AA and the first step is admitting. Once I get through the rest of the steps to be over this, I'll try to make sure to write a post to let you know.

After failed attempts to hang out and a multitude of mixed signals, I still am way too happy to see this dude when I bump into him. When will this shit stop? This cannot continue like this in 2014.

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  1. Whaaaaaat?! A confession?? It really MUST be a new year :-p