Tuesday, February 18, 2014


"Love. So many people use your name in vain. Love. Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray."- Musiq Soulchild

So yesterday, I posted the following status on my FB and my Twitter pages: “I <3 love.”

I so did not expect the responses I received. Let’s see. I was called a liar. Some people thought I was immersing myself in romantic comedies. Others actually inquired into my current relationship status (still single). Many of these reactions happened offline while others took to the same social media page where I posted the comment. Mind you, I didn’t post that I was in love (I’m not) or that I love somebody (does my grandma count?). There had to be some kind of reason that I all of a sudden became a fan of love, right?

Here’s a large part of the reason why I posted it: I got tired of seeing dozens of Instagram, FB and Twitter posts upset about the displays of affection shown over Valentine’s Day weekend. Mind you, many of the same people with this vitriol have experienced love way more recently than I have.

So I, with my more than 11 years of experience in singlehood, decided to change the tone with a little positive thinking and wording. Yes, I am a fan of love and maybe that was the first time I said it so boldly publicly. When love is right and expressed in a way that works for the two people in the relationship or situation, it’s a beautiful thing. So yes, I’m all for the flowers, engagements, homemade cards, surprise trips out of town that splash across my timeline. Why? Because while some of us have problems expressing our love or affection (and for some of us, even our like) of another human being, other people are able to do so courageously, openly and within the moment. And the best part is they know the person on the other end is willing to do the same thing? And that should give the rest of us some sense of hope and make us believe in endless possibilities, right?

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  1. Openly expressing your feelings/thoughts via social media, eh? How dare you display honesty in any public forum ;-)