Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Perfectly Different

"Cause I'm alright when I'm with you. Don't have to change when I'm with you. We're both unusually. Both undeniably. We're just perfectly different."-Karina Pasian

So this will likely be the last wedding song blog, but I was inspired to end it with this song after reading this blog about how women pretty much select men by want while men select women based on need.  The blogger pointed to the fact that both sexes need to find somewhere in the middle.

This song points to how a relationship, particularly a marriage, should be a complementary relationship. Both people should bring something different to the table.  Because honestly, being with someone just like you probably leads to something much like groupthink and we know how dangerous that can be.

For instance, I can be very Type-A at times and I'm the biggest advocate of "planned fun".  However, I have learned to appreciate the guy who is more spontaneous and laid-back because he will probably be the one to keep me from taking high blood pressure medication at a young age.

Complementary, appreciative relationships. What a concept. 


  1. This is a great song. Too bad she didn't blow up. You know who else I can hear singing this? Solange.

  2. I agree with you about appreciating a guy who is more spontaneous. It's a learned practice for type-A people.

    PS. I don't think she has a great voice. I think that is the reason she didn't blow up.