Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Won't Give Up

"I won't give up on us. Even if the skies get rough."- Jason Mraz

This is probably the most recent addition to my wedding song contender list.  When I first heard it, it stopped me in my tracks.

While it has a beautiful melody to slow dance too, the major focus of this song is the lyrics. A large part of maintaining a successful relationship or marriage is persistence.  I imagine for some people that it can be very easy to walk away. As a matter of fact, by the number of divorces and broken engagements I've seen among people my age, it has proven to be way too easy.  Though, as with many things in life, getting somewhere is not always the hardest part, it's staying there. 

That's why this song speaks to me in a commitment-phobic world and I find it suitable particularly for a wedding dance. In the song, he says "God knows we're worth it" which means he places great value on the relationship as most people who get married should. Also, he points to the fact that obstacles may come, but he plans to fight them. Quite admirable, I might say.

I will provide this disclaimer going forward that I am a huge advocate of songs that remind the bride and the groom of the work that lies ahead of them.


  1. Look at Tasha being all sentimental!!! *gush, gush, tear, flick* :-p

  2. This is the song that I think I am going to have for my first dance. I heard the lyrics while on my commute home and started cryihng as it is so beautiful. My friend said that she didn't find that this was the right soneg to use for that, but I think that the meaning behind the song is that no matter what, you will always stick to your love for each other. Thank you for sharing this with the internet!! :)