Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get the Party Started

"I'm coming up so you better get the party started."- P!nk

So I think I have completely recovered from this past weekend.

As I am approaching 30 myself, it was definitely an experience to see one of my closest friends reach that point and surpass it in the DMV.  Within 72 hours of her turning 30, she felt great joy (friends, drinks and great gifts) and great pains (four mile walk on five minutes of sleep).  We saw Red Tails. We saw knights. And we saw the MLK monument.

Here are 10 things I learned from her 30th birthday celebration.
  1. Saying goodbye to your 20s can be fun as hell.
  2. The 30-and-over people at your party will notice every single thing that goes on in the room. Especially if they have a journalism background.
  3. When trying to mix old and new friends, do it in a setting where it is not easy  to segregate.
  4. Don’t wear a dress and start breaking. You will wind up with a Britney crotch shot.
  5. Times may be fun, but when your body tells you to go to bed, do it damnit. You will pay for it later.
  6. Everybody seems to say it like they mean it at a 30th birthday party.
  7. The after-afterparty can be insane.
  8. Don’t walk two miles after staying up all night and getting five minutes of sleep. Especially don’t do that ish in heels.
  9. Turning 30 can be tiring so when July comes, I may just go missing and do something real low-key. If I can do something real low-key with Tyrese, that would be even better.
  10. However, if I do it too low-key, I may not have a sponsor. And what's a 30th birthday celebration without a sponsor or two. Preferably male. Preferably Tyrese. (Ok I'll settle for Adam Levine.)

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