Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angry Girl

I’m telling you angry girl. You should learn how to smile sometimes. Before your happiness passes you by. And you never get to know what love truly means!-Syleena Johnson & Tweet

I once recall one of my blog’s most faithful readers sending me an article about how all guys want Kim Kardashian because you never see her angry and always see her smiling. Now while poor Kris Humphries may disagree with that assertion right now, it drives home the point that guys do not want to invite negativity into their lives.  Everybody wants to be around positive people and that is so understandable.  No one likes being around negativity all the time.

This song definitely speaks to the point of being an angry woman, particularly one who makes a career out of being mean to men.  Some of us can look at the mirror and say we’ve felt the terrible impact such a woman has left on decent men.  Others of us must admit that depending on the time when a man met us, we may be the woman described in the song.

The first time I heard this song, I actually thought of all the times I was told that I look mean.  People have said I’ve looked mean since I was a child.  Actually, I’ve seen my newborn photo plenty of times and it does look like I was trying to cuss someone out.  Let’s blame that on my mother inducing her labor and putting me in fetal distress.  Yet, I digress and will point out that I have made efforts to smile more often.

Why? Because the perception of being an angry girl can often be just as bad as being angry.   Actually, very often, if I don’t look happy or enthused, it’s because I’m tired from all the running around that I do and complain about that actually fulfills me.  Yet, when you talk to some people, being involved, helping others and enjoying good friendships are no match for finding that one companion.  And people always tend to eye you when you are having that moment where you want to be in your bed.  And they choose that moment to ask why are you so angry.

However, being that I have spent most of my 20s working on myself, I can definitely say that I’m not angry. I may not be bubbly but definitely not angry. Tired? Sometimes. Lacking time for bullshit? Most definitely.

Trust me. If or when I’m angry, people can and will tell the difference.  And even if I’m angry, I still know that marriage is not supposed to last for 72 days or less unlike some happy-go-lucky chicks. 

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  1. I think all too often it is easy to label a Black woman as angry. Maybe we aren't as outwardly bubbly as our white counterparts. I do think we (in the general sense) need to make more of a effort to be more pleasant.