Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Catching Hell

"Cause then you’ll find out that it wasn’t those real big things you loved about him. It was the real small things. You know, things that you’ve seen a thousand times around the house but never paid attention to like helping with the groceries. Helping in the yard and painting and repairing and paying the bills." - Natalie Cole

This blog was inspired by an eight-legged creature and a six-cylinder vehicle. 
Over the past four weeks, I have been traveling back and forth.  On one particular night, I arrived home to a humongous spider in my kitchen.  No one warned me that Columbus and Ohio are apparently very arachnid friendly.  After letting out a very feminine scream, I tackled the spider all by my lonesome. 

Fast forward about a week later and I am getting in my car to go to work knowing that I have a busy weekend of driving and partying ahead of me.  I get in my lovely ten-year old Silver Bullet only for the radio to come on.  While I enjoy a good morning show usually, I would’ve preferred the revving of my engine.  I call AAA.  They determine that my issue is my battery.  Once they get my car up and running, I drive to AutoZone and $100 later, my problem is solved and I go on with my life as planned. 

However, as a woman raised by men who are or were mechanics and handymen, I had several moments where I didn’t want to be solving these problems by myself.  The freedom that comes with living by yourself is great, but it can also turn into a burden when creatures enter your domicile, cars break down or when you have to reach something on the top shelf in a closet with nine-foot ceilings when your height only measures five feet. And sometimes, your back hurts and you just want a massage from someone with strong, massive, masculine hands. 

So while I’m not really making time for men like that, I do want them around sometimes.  If they’re raised right, they do bring something to the table.

I’m a 21st-century woman raised with some mid 20th-century values.  It is the hand that I have been dealt. 

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  1. My friend and I were just discussing this. I was raised by a strong independent woman. I was raised to never need or depend on anyone especially a man! However, that does not work in a relationship. In my marriage I have learned that it is ok to ask him to kill the spider. It is ok to ask him to open the jar. It is NOT a sign of weakness. Plus men secretly like to feel needed!