Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tell Me No

"Tell me no and I'll show you I can."-Whitney Houston

Earlier this week, I was reminded why whenever my mother asks me how's everything at my job, I normally just say "good" or fine."
For some reason during this conversation, I actually decided to share with my mom a portion of what I had been thinking recently. And of course, she shot down the idea. 

For some women, their mothers are their biggest supporters in their lives. For me, I would have to say my mother is the biggest naysayer in my life. It's very rare that she will support something as I'm going to it, but she is often the first one to pat me on the back and brag when I have completed the task. 

After years of this, I realize that I shut down as soon as any idea of mine is dismissed or someone puts down anything I put forth that I care about.  I have been noticing it more around friends and even in meetings. If you deem my idea idiotic or treat it as a nonfactor, I pretty much opt not to say anything else.

So now, even though I have boasted on this blog about living a solo lifestyle socially, I think I may move in that direction in a service capacity as well. And who knows what will happen with my job. But trust that just because I'm not say anything, it doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. ;)

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  1. You can do it! Period. Whatever it is you want, you can do. A long time ago my mother said, "You're still doing that writing thing? Get a job in a nice office where you wear pantyhose." I work in a "nice office" I never wear pantyhose, I love to dress up jeans and guess what? I'm still a writer." Mothers may do that on purpose. The times were different and I honestly think sometimes they are proud and jealous of our education, independence and ability to take care of ourselves because it was much harder to take that road when they were our ages. Or in fact, when they were our age, they were chasing after little versions of us. Stay strong, boo. She will soon rave again.