Monday, April 30, 2012

Better Days

"Silver gray hair neatly combed in place. There were four generations of love on her face. She was so wise. No surprise passed her eyes. She's seen it all."- Dianne Reeves.

I cannot let this day go by without blogging about one of my most favorite, possibly my most favorite people, in the world. That is my grandmother.

Today, she turned 80 years old and after my grandfather passed at 77, the late 70s always had a weird symbolism for me. So her making it to 80 is a pretty big deal for me.
See, my grandma is my boo. I love her to death. If anybody has shown me what unconditional love is, it's her. She's a great supporter, listener, motivator and disciplinarian, when she had to be.

My grandma lived across the street from my parents so I always got to spend time with her when I was a child. I never had a baby-sitter because I had grandma. And like a true grandma, she pretty much let me and my older cousin do whatever we wanted within reason.

But as an adult, I've gained a newfound appreciation for her. As I've grown, our conversations have grown. And with that, my respect for her has grown. When I was a kid, she was sweet grandma. As an adult, I understand that she was once a child herself and love hearing her stories. (She supports my cotton plantation summer camp for children idea.) I also have greater insight into her as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a friend. For a woman who doesn't drive and who dropped out of school in 10th grade, she is quite resourceful.  She is a giver to all whom she loves. She's a great friend. She was a great wife. She gives great advice in her own simple way. She's a sensitive soul. She's just great and so pure. And I'm certain she's about to be a kickass great grandmother.

Oh and one other important thing, she is an exceptional cook.

So happy 80th birthday to my grandma.


  1. I see that pretty hair, that smile and pound cake! Fabulous lady indeed!