Sunday, February 19, 2017

When I Wake Up

"Here I am thinking again. All lost in my brain. But I know I should get up and get out of it. I gotta keep moving. But here I am lost all up inside my brain"-Jill Scott

So I finally got a moment to breathe...and write. And you know what happens when you pause, right? Every thought just comes rushing to your brain. So here are a few.

1) The United States has a new president. People are allowing him to run their blood pressure up. I choose to live with the knowledge that I can subject myself to whatever information I choose. As far as impeachment goes, I fully embrace that it is much easier to be proactive than reactive.

2) I realized a while ago that all of the women in my family who stay married were the second wives of their husbands. That leads me to believe, that maybe, just maybe, I have within me the type of woman that won't be appreciated for years to come.

3) The older I get, the more I realize I am more feminine emotionally than I tend to like to let on. I need to be touched. I'm moody. I live to be appreciated.

4) The past year has been about establishing myself as a leader. I do buy into what everybody has been seeing. Yet, I can't see myself rising to a top leadership position here in Columbus because I am very lacking in the local support system that I need to thrive.

5) One of the saddest experiences is when you lose all hope for a situation despite all the insight to the contrary that you have face from the beginning. Hope can be a beautiful thing and it can be a bitch.

6) I'm unsure of my next major step.

That's all for now.

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