Monday, January 7, 2013

You Need A Man

"Girl you know you need a man."- Shanice

Happy 2013! I'm back. I could promise to do better with this thing, but we'll see.
Anyway, felt like I should start this year off with a 2013 consensus everyone has come to except for me: Tasha needs a man.

In November 2012, I celebrated 10 years of being completely single. Yep, that's right. No serious romantic relationships in 10 years. (Please do not get that confused with relations, I'm not a nun.)

It began with a holiday party that I attended with my sorors. One of my soror's boyfriends inquired as to the whereabouts of "my boo". (Mind you, the only person I use that term of endearment for is my grandmother because she is a sweetheart and I think it's cute. However, calling a grown man "boo" does not appeal to me.) I inform him that I currently do not have a significant other and he appears shocked. "You got all that and you ain't got no boo." So then he proceeds to inform me and the other single ladies at the party about some ballroom dancing lessons that take place one a month and how some good dudes will be there. That's indicator #1 that supposedly Tasha needs a man.

The next day, two very close friends of mine are enjoying an intoxicated afternoon together while painting. During this fun time, I call to see how they are doing only. Guess what? They want to see me "happy" in 2013. I hang around too many women and I need to go on more dates. All that translates to indicator #2 that Tasha needs a man.

But #3 is the kicker. Here, I will add that my maternal grandmother is my "boo." But I spent my New Year's Day with my dad, my aunt and my paternal grandmother. Let's see if I can recall how she put it. "Go to the gym, put on some makeup and get on it." This was right after calling me Miss Piggy. I heard her loud and clear and what's a pain-in-the-ass consensus without a trifecta, so once again it was concluded that Tasha needs a man.

So I call up one of the few friends I have from high school after hearing all this.  And here is a surprise for most people who've only known me as an adult but she had to remind me: "Ummm, Tasha, you never were boy crazy." THANK YOU!!! And she knew me during the time when all girls my age cared about was boys. I was strange and focused on my schoolwork and staying in my zone. A boy just happened to come along that I liked enough to drive my ass crazy later on down the line.

So while trying to focus on the job, family, friends, Zeta, travel and my own sanity, I just ask that everyone waits for a man to come along that I like enough that hopefully won't drive my ass crazy later on down the line this time. And during this time, I promise you that my Magic Mike DVD and my B.O.B. are all that I need until then.

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