Friday, September 7, 2012


"Can't fall down. Stay triumphant. Keep on living. Stay on your toes. Get off the ropes. Don't let 'em ever count you out."- Mariah Carey

Over the course of the past two weeks, I've sat through some of the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention and watching President Barack Obama accept his nomination brought to mind imagery of this song. The president is not backing down even when polls suggest he could be in for a losing battle.

Working as a journalist for years, my political opinions always were muted in an effort to be objective. For the first time since I could vote, I can watch all of this unfold and vent through social media and this blog. The number one thing that I thought: Anybody can sound like they have all the support in the world when they are preaching to their choir.

Great speeches were made this past week and my timelines were filled with quotes and photos and the like. That's great and all but as anyone can tell you, it won't matter if you don't show up in November. All the rhetoric in the world does not a re-election or election make. Anyone who thinks any speech made over the past week was so great that they can fall back is a prime example of how thinking too highly of anything can lead to an ultimate downfall. More and more work will be needed as the election draws near.

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