Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"Don't start no shit, won't be no shit."- YoungBloodz

So not a huge fan of hip-hop but I had to do this for my favorite Jawja shorty.

This time last week, I was enjoying my last evening of blissful ignorance for I did not know that earlier last Wednesday, one of my closest, dearest friends was in ICU in Baltimore. Not only that, she was in the hospital with what would later be discovered as an aneurysm, multiple blood clots and a mini-stroke.

To say that my heart damn near stopped that Thursday evening when I received the call just may be an understatement.  See, at that point, all I knew was she was in the ICU with an aneurysm and up until then the only word I had ever associated with that condition was death. Mainly because most times I had heard that word, someone had died. Yet, by the end of the night, my fears were partially assuaged.

By Friday night, I had spoken to her and as of today, I've spoken to her three times and even received an email. She's weak and worn and tired. But she has tried to keep a good humor through it all. And she will need that as she recovers physically and mentally. 

So as she works on her memory, I can't help but think of one of my most favorite memories of her. One day we were in an editorial board meeting for our school newspaper having what I'm going to assume was a lively debate. I look over to my Georgia-born friend and she is not singing or even humming, but she is bopping to the beat of this song on the blog. We all knew she loved the song and when we stopped to gaze at her, we knew exactly song was playing in her head.

Instead of the pain and the confused memories, I so wish this song was filling her head right now.

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  1. She is lucky to have friends like you! I'm happy to hear she is doing better. Keep supporting her.